Our Team

Abigail Pruitt, Executive Director

When I was a teenager, I attended a workshop from Scott Kluesendorf, anadvocate for Life. He made a profound case for Life that tipped my hearttowards becoming a pro-life advocate instantly. After the workshop, I purchased his book, The Case for Life (recommended reading!). He signed itand - I’ll never forget - he said, “Abigail, you will do great things for the pro-lifemovement.”

Now, here I am ten years later blessed with my amazing husband, our three sons, a wonderful community, and the opportunity to “do great things for the pro-life movement.” I have served with TSC since October 2020. I began as a Receptionist, then Office Manager, and now as Executive Director. What a privilege it is for me to continue the legacy of growth, excellence, and care that our previous directors, Ruth & Christie have established!

Our goal is to make sure that every pregnant woman in our service area has the opportunity to educate herself and be presented with the reality of each of her paths: parenting, adoption, and abortion. We prayerfully guide her towards a life-affirming choice that will best suit her needs and then support her throughout her journey.

My prayer is that you will partner with The Selah Center to Save Lifetimes in Lake Country & beyond. Consider joining our team, donating, or receiving our newsletter today!

Josh Glasscock, Development Director

Josh lives in and is from Clarksville, VA. He was raised in Mecklenburg County his entire life, leaving only to go to college in Atlanta, GA. There he earned a bachelor's in biblical studies and Practical Ministry where he applies that daily in his everyday life as well as church and TSC. He serves as the worship team leader at The House of Prayer in Clarksville and also volunteers his time at the local theatre, Clarksville Community Players. He currently works at the Microsoft Datacenter in Boydton, VA, but spends his free time serving at TSC.

He enjoys his work at TSC because he loves what TSC offers to our community. He believes life begins at conception, but also believes life continues after the baby is born. Many pro-life centers and organizations care for the unborn and go no further, offering little to no help to the mother and child was the baby is born. TSC does not do that - they continue to help and offer support to women and men as long as they can. He believes this should be the attitude of all pro-life supporters and is thrilled that TSC offers judgment-free help at all stages of life.

Josh is thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful organization that provides very unique services to our community and hopes you can find a way to be a part of it as well!